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From : 1986-
ISSN 2586-940X (Online)
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Volume 31, Number 1, January-February, 2017
  • Social Support for Medication Adherence among Thai People with Post-Acute Myocardial Infarction: Factor Analysis
  • Background: The aim of this study was to modify the Enhancing Recovery in Coronary Heart Disease (ENRICHD) Social Support Instrument (ESSI) in order to obtain assessment of social support for medication, because, whereas ESSI assesses general social support, a specific tool is needed for assessing s...
    Author : Rapin Polsook, Yupin Aungsuroch, Sureeporn Thanasilp
    Keyword (s) : Instrument; Social support for medication adherence; Thai
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  • Dukkha Experience of Patients Living with Cancer in Palliative Care: a Qualitative Study
  • Background: The study on the suffering experience of cancer patients under palliative treatment revealed the meanings of “suffering” as “hardship and struggling life, causing both physical and psychological ordeal.” However, there are few studies to uncover the suffering experiences of patients in ...
    Author : Monthana Varanimmanonth, Arunya Tuicomepee, Nattasuda Taepan
    Keyword (s) : Dukkha experience; Patients living with cancer; Palliative care; Qualitative study
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  • Utilisation of Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing for HIV by Men Who Have Sex with Men in Northeastern Thailand
  • Background: HIV/AIDS remains a serious public health problem globally and in Thailand, and men who have sex with men (MSM) are at particularly high risk of infection. To reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS, Thailand provides Voluntary Confidential Counseling and Testing (VCCT) for MSM at no cost. Me...
    Author : Jirapat Longkul, Supannee Promthet, PeterBradshaw
    Keyword (s) : HIV; Voluntary confidential counseling and testing; Men who have sex with men; MSM; Thailand
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  • Development and Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Vernonia Cinerea (VC) Cookies for Smoking Cessation
  • Background: Vernonia cinerea (VC) has been known as a herbal medicine for a long time. Recently, it was used for smoking cessation. The study investigated the effectiveness of VC cookies in smoking cessation, side effects and satisfaction with this product. Methods: The study was designed as a qu...
    Author : Anun Chaikoolvatana, Natchanit D Ayuthaya, Puan Suthipinittharm, Choladda Chaikoolvatana, Nawaporn Saisingh, Mereerat Manwong
    Keyword (s) : Vernonia cinerea (VC) cookies; Smoking cessation; Side effects of smoking
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  • Safety Profile of Subacute Exposure to Curcuma Comosa Ethanolic Extract in Female Rats
  • Background: Rhizomes of Curcuma comosa Roxb. (Zingiberaceae) have been widely used traditionally to alleviate abnormal painful uterine symptoms. This study aims to investigate subacute toxicological effects of a C. comosa ethanolic extract (CCE) in female rats. Effects of the extract on the activiti...
    Author : Wanida Sukketsiri, Laddawal Phivthong-ngam, Chaiyo Chaichantipyuth, Nuansri Niwattisaiwong, Supatra Srichairat, Somsong Lawanprasert
    Keyword (s) : Curcuma comosa Roxb.; Blood chemistry; Cytochrome P450; Hematology; Subacute toxicity
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  • DNA-Based Identification of Gastrointestinal Irritant Mushrooms in the Genus Chlorophyllum: a Food Poisoning Case in Thailand
  • Background: Food poisoning caused by mushrooms in local Thai populations has increased annually. Gastrointestinal irritant (GI) mushrooms are the most common cause of food poisoning. In general, poisonous mushrooms are routinely identified based on morphological characteristics; however, standard me...
    Author : Siriwan Leudang, Sujitra Sikaphan, Sittiporn Parnmen, Nattaphong Nantachaiphong, Dutsadee Polputpisatkul, Sathaporn Ramchiun, Punthip Teeyapant
    Keyword (s) : Amatoxins; Chlorophyllum; Gastrointestinal irritant; Internal transcribed spacer; Large subunit ribosomal DNA
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  • Effects of Buddhist Personal Growth and Counseling Group with Art in Post-Leukemia Treatment Individuals
  • Background: The necessity of restoring psychological well-being of post-cancer treatment individuals has been widely recognized both among medical and mental health professionals. Attempts have been made to enhance such support, with art therapy being among those demonstrated to be effective. Still,...
    Author : Pimpanit Condee, Nattasuda Taephant, Kullaya Pisitsungkagarn
    Keyword (s) : Buddhist Personal Growth and Counseling Group; Art therapy; Post-leukemia treatment; Depression; PAÑÑÂ
    Abstract | Full Text [ 76 Hits ]
  • Ecological Analysis of Community-Level Socioeconomic Determinants of Infant and Under-Five Mortality in Myanmar: an Analysis of the 2014 Myanmar Population and Housing Census
  • Background: Investing in child health is crucial for the nation’s health as well as its socio-economic development and it can balance the population dynamics. Child mortality varies within and among the regions depending on the level of socio-economic development. Much literature has long esta...
    Author : Min Ko Ko, Yothin Sawangdee, Rossarin Gray, Pojjana Hunchangsith
    Keyword (s) : Infant mortality; Under-five mortality; Ecological analysis; Socioeconomic determinants; Myanmar
    Abstract | Full Text [ 56 Hits ]
  • Leaf Constant Numbers of Selected Gardenia Species in Thailand
  • Background: Gardenia species is an important medicinal plant with significant ornamental and medicinal potential. Identification of medicinal plants is required to control the quality, efficacy as well as safety of individual plant materials. Leaf constant numbers are the important quantitative mic...
    Author : Onuma Zongram, Nijsiri Ruangrungsi, Chanida Palanuvej, Kanchana Rungsihirunrat
    Keyword (s) : Gardenia; Leaf constant numbers; Stomatal index; Palisade ratio; Epidermal cell area; Trichome number
    Abstract | Full Text [ 66 Hits ]
  • Diarrhea Among Children Under Five in Myanmar: a Systematic Review
  • Eighteen percent of deaths among children under five in Myanmar are due to diarrheal diseases even though diarrheal diseases can be prevented. The purpose of this article is to perform a systematic review of diarrhea prevention and treatment efforts among children under five in Myanmar. A systematic...
    Author : Kendra J. Kamp
    Keyword (s) : Diarrhea; Children under five; Myanmar; Systematic review
    Abstract | Full Text [ 101 Hits ]