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ISSN 0857-4421 (Print)
From : 1986-
ISSN 2586-940X (Online)
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Volume 31, Number 2, March-April, 2017
  • Online Survey of Slimming Products Use among the Thais
  • Background: Slimming products are available for sale on the internet without a prescription. Some slimming products have side effects such as headaches, constipation, nausea, dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia; and in some cases, death. The purpose of this study was to survey the factors influencing sli...
    Author : Narunan Wuttisin, Rungnapa Yodped, Krisada Kittigowittana
    Keyword (s) : Body shape; Slimming products; Weight loss
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  • Alcohol Consumption among Older Adults in Northern Thailand
  • Background: Alcohol consumption of the older Thai adult population is important to understand for health promotion plans in district health systems. This study aimed to examine the prevalence of alcohol consumption and associated factors among older adults at community level to understand current si...
    Author : Torranong Philalai, Cheerawit Rattanapan, Orapin Laosee
    Keyword (s) : Alcohol consumption; Aging, Older adults; Risk factors; Thailand
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  • Determinants of Preventive Behaviors for Coronary Artery Disease among Adults in Aceh Province, Indonesia
  • Background: Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) remains the major cause of mortality in developing countries including Indonesia. Rapid socioeconomic growth increases the risk factors for CAD including having hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, obesity and smoking. Many patients do not have symp...
    Author : Zamna Idyan, Ratsiri Thato
    Keyword (s) : Adults; Coronary Artery disease preventive behaviors; Indonesia
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  • Experiences of Caregivers Having Children with Craniosynostosis Using Distractor Devices
  • Background: Craniosynostosis affects the growth of the brain. Since the treatment is surgery by inserting distractor devices to reduce pressure in the skull and correct misshapen skull, the children after surgery for craniosynostosis using distractor devices have limitation in taking care of themsel...
    Author : Artiteeya Dangsomboon, Veena Jirapaet
    Keyword (s) : Experience; Caregivers; Children with craniosynostosis; Distractor device
    Abstract | Full Text [ 55 Hits ]
  • In Vitro Free Radical Scavenging and Anti-Genotoxic Activities of Thunbergia Laurifolia Aqueous Leaf Extract
  • Background: Lead (Pb) is a xenobiotic, which causes numerous health defects like neurological, metabolic, kidney disorders, as well as mutation including DNA damage. Thunbergia laurifolia (TL) is a renowned medicinal plant for its antidote properties in Thailand. These properties caused us to invest...
    Author : Mohammad Nasiruddin Rana, Jitbanjong Tangpong
    Keyword (s) : Thunbergia laurifolia; Genotoxicity; Lead; Lead poisoning; Antioxidant
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  • Development of a Dyspnea Management Behavior Scale for Thai Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients
  • Background: Dyspnea is the most common and severe symptom in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) associated with progressively decreased lung function. Assessment of dyspnea management behavior in COPD patients is therefore of great importance in clinical practice. However, no...
    Author : Naiyana Wongsaita, Sureeporn Thanasilp, Sunida Preechawong
    Keyword (s) : Scale development; Dyspnea management behavior; Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; Thai COPD patients
    Abstract | Full Text [ 54 Hits ]
  • Macroscopic-Microscopic Characteristics and AFLP Marker for Identification of Tinospora Crispa and Tinospora Baenzigeri Endemic to Thailand
  • Background: Tinospora crispa Miers ex Hook. F & Thomson and Tinospora baenzigeri Forman were used in traditional medicine for treatment of antipyretic and various ailments. According to the similarity in their morphology and vernacular name, the identification was important for their effectiveness. ...
    Author : Somdet Katib, Nijsiri Ruangrungsi, Chanida Palanuvej, Piyarat Parinyapong Chareonsap, Kanchana Rungsihirunrat
    Keyword (s) : Genus Tinospora; Macroscopic-microscopic characteristics; AFLP
    Abstract | Full Text [ 69 Hits ]
  • Environmental and Psychological Factors as Predictors of Chronic Low Back Pain among Thai Elderly in Samutprakarn Province, Thailand
  • Background: Thailand has become to an aging society. In 2040, Thai elderly will be raise to more than the one-third of total population. Chronic low back pain (CLBP) is the most common symptom of musculoskeletal chronic pain in worldwide and very common in aging population. This study aimed to estim...
    Author : Phakamat Arunsawas, Chaweewon Boonshuyar, Natnaree Aimyong
    Keyword (s) : Elderly; Chronic low back pain; Thailand
    Abstract | Full Text [ 77 Hits ]
  • Contributing Factors and Impacts of Open Burning in Thailand: Perspectives from Farmers in Chiang Rai Province, Thailand
  • Background: Open burning is a major cause of air pollution resulting in several public health problems and death. It is a source of haze smoke in northern Thailand. There is a general perception that highland minorities are the major contributors to open burning in Northern Thailand. Therefore, this...
    Author : Adelowo Adeleke, Tawatchai Apidechkul, Phitsanuruk Kanthawee, Yanasinee Suma, Pilasinee Wongnuch
    Keyword (s) : Open burning; Thai farmers; Highland minorities; Thailand
    Abstract | Full Text [ 86 Hits ]
  • Neighbourhood Research: Conceptual Considerations for Population Health
  • A population health approach recognizes that influences on health operate at many levels, one of which is the neighbourhoods in which people live. Neighbourhood health research is useful for guiding policy and interventions to improve population health status. There is much debate in the literature ...
    Author : Novella Martinello, David Buetti
    Keyword (s) : Population health; Neighbourhood; Environment
    Abstract | Full Text [ 46 Hits ]