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ISSN 2586-940X (Online)
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Volume 31, Number 4, July-August, 2017
  • Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 (TGF-Beta 1) in Vaginal Incisional Wound Healing in Rats: Responses to Pegagan (Centella Asiatica) Leaves Extract
  • Background: Of the many molecular substances known to assist in wound repair, the Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1 molecule (TGF-Beta 1) is known to play a crucial role in various stages of wound healing. Recently, researchers found the role of TGF-Beta 1 acting as a regulator of vaginal tropoelati...
    Author : Moh. Hakimi, Abkar Raden, Cesa Septiana Pratiwi, Evi Nurhidayati, Doni Marisi Sinaga, Dyah Anantalia Widyastari
    Keyword (s) : Vaginal incisional wound healing; Transforming growth factor beta 1 (TGF-Beta 1); Centella asiatica leaves extract; Postmenopausal hormone therapy
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  • Accessibility to Media and Its Relation to Stigmatization toward Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Individuals: a Study among 2nd Year Midwifery Students in Yogyakarta, Indonesia
  • Background: Stigmatization and discrimination toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are regularly reported. Both, in urban and in rural areas, LBGT individuals experience marginalization and detachment from the community. The media plays a major role in providing information r...
    Author : Dhesi Ari Astuti, Asri Hidayat, Rezka Zahra Humaira, Dyah Anantalia Widyastari, Doni Marisi Sinaga
    Keyword (s) : Accessibility to media; Mass media; Stigmatization; LGBT; Health provider; Indonesia
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  • Client Perspectives on Single Session Chat-Based Individual Online Counseling among Undergraduates
  • Background: With the increasing availability of the internet as a counseling resource, there is a growing amount of literature related to both synchronous and asynchronous online interventions. This study aimed to examine perspectives of undergraduate students who personally experienced a single se...
    Author : Suwawute Vongtangswad, Arunya Tuicomepee, Skultip Sirikantraporn
    Keyword (s) : Chat-based online counseling; Undergraduate student; Qualitative study
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  • Clinical Characteristics, Parasite Diagnosis and Hematological Parameters of Malaria in Surat Thani Province, Thailand
  • Background: Malaria infection is still considered to be a major public health problem in Thailand where risk of infection is related to one or more of the Plasmodium species. In this study, a retrospective clinical and laboratory based data analysis of malaria patients at Phanom Hospital, Surat Than...
    Author : Manas Kotepui, Chatree Ratcha, Kwuntida Uthaisar
    Keyword (s) : Malaria; Clinical characteristic; Parasite ciagnosis; Hematological parameters; Thailand
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  • Determination of Antioxidant Activity, Inhibitory Effect to Glucose Absorption and Acute Toxicity of Scaphium Scaphigerum Fruit Gel Powder
  • Background: Samrong or malva nut (Scaphium scaphigerum (G.Don) Guib and Planch) is a Thai plant in Sterculiaceae family. Gel from the fruits of Samrong has been traditionally used as dessert and drink. In this study, Samrong fruit gel powder was determined for in vitro antioxidant activity, glucose ...
    Author : Wichittra Phlicharoenphon, Wandee Gritsanapan, Penchom Peungvicha, Pongtip Sithisarn
    Keyword (s) : Samrong; Scaphium scaphigerum; Glucose absorption; Acute toxicity; DPPH; TLC fingerprint; IR fingerprint
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  • Enteral Tube Feeding Practices in People with Neurological Problems in Myanmar: a Cross-Sectional Pilot Study
  • Background: Artificial nutritional therapy is indicated in patients with a risk of malnutrition or who are malnourished on admission to maintain or restore the nutritional status. Currently, little is known about the enteral nutrition practice in Myanmar because the hospital feeding practices are un...
    Author : Hsu Mon Mon Zaw, Wantanee Kriengsinyos, Chanida Pachotikan, Nattapol Tangsuphoom
    Keyword (s) : Enteral nutrition; Feeding practice; Blenderized diet; Myanmar; Neurological problem
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  • Chemical Compositions of Fingered Citron Peel (Citrus Medica L. var. Sarcodactylis) and Its Effect on the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Background: In Thailand, Fingered Citron (Citrus medica L. var. sarcodactylis) is used in folk medicine as a tonic for antispasmodic conditions and as an inhaler. According to published research, there are no comprehensive scientific researches on the chemical composition and physiological effects o...
    Author : Winai Sayorwan, Vadee Rumruay
    Keyword (s) : Citrus medica L. var. sarcodactylis; Autonomic nervous system; Stimulation Limonene
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  • Validation of a Short Version of the Emotional Crisis Scale for Thai Undergraduates
  • Background: In recent decades, societies worldwide have experienced an increased risk of environmental disasters, difficulties in the political environment, as well as threats from advanced technologies. The lives of college and university students are becoming more complicated as a result of these...
    Author : Arunya Tuicomepee
    Keyword (s) : Emotional crisis; Scale validation; Thai undergraduates
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  • Survival Rate and Socio-Demographic Determinants of Mortality in Adult HIV/AIDS Patients on Anti-Retrovial Therapy (ART) in Myanmar: a Registry Based Retrospective Cohort Study 2005-2015
  • Background: With increasing coverage of anti-retroviral therapy (ART) among people living with HIV/AIDS, their survival has been improved in recent years. However, the country is still facing a substantial number of AIDS related deaths. In response to this problem, this study assesses the survival r...
    Author : Aung Tin Kyaw, Yothin Sawangdee, Pojjana Hunchangsith, Umaporn Pattaravanich
    Keyword (s) : Adult mortality; HIV/AIDS patients on ART; Socio-demographic factors; Survival rate; Myanmar
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  • Leadership Development for One Health
  • -...
    Author : Samlee Plianbangchang
    Keyword (s) : -
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