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ISSN 0857-4421 (Print)
From : 1986-
ISSN 2586-940X (Online)
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Volume 31, Number 5, September-October, 2017
  • Predicting Factors of Professional Behavior of Indonesian Nurses, West Java Province, Indonesia
  • Background: The understanding of how nurses perceive the concept of professionalism has always been fundamental in terms of creating appropriate policy. However, Indonesia managed to pass the updated Nursing Act in 2014 and has been struggling to create proper policy regarding nurses so far. It is a...
    Author : Leli Khairani, Areewan Oumtanee
    Keyword (s) : Self-efficacy; Organizational support; Professional behavior; Personal factors; Empowerment
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  • Community Participation for Behavior Development to Prevent Opisthorchiasis among People in a Rural Areas of Lower North Thailand
  • Background: Opisthorchiasis is a chronic parasitological disease. It is one of the significant public health problems in Southeast Asia, especially Thailand. This action based research aimed to study an application of community participation for behavior development to prevent Opisthorchiasis among ...
    Author : Rungrueng Kitphati, Katekaew Seangpraw, Oranard Wattanawong, Monchanok Choowanthanapakorn, Thitima Wongsaroj
    Keyword (s) : Community participant; Behavior development; Prevention Opisthorchiasis
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  • Carers’ Perceptions of Type 2 Diabetes and Caregiving in Northern Thailand
  • Background: The number of people in Thailand who have Type 2 diabetes has increased dramatically making it one of the country’s major health problems. Carers play an important role in looking after relatives with Type 2 diabetes but little is known about their perceptions of this condition. Th...
    Author : Nitima Suparee, Paula McGee, Salim Khan
    Keyword (s) : Type 2 diabetes; Carers; Caregiving; Thailand
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  • Factors Affecting Child Mortality among Poor and Non-Poor Households with Children under Five in Lao PDR: an Analysis of the 2015 Population and Housing Census
  • Background: Lao PDR has the highest rate of child mortality among ASEAN countries. The reduction of child mortality is one of the core goals of the Lao government and an overarching indicator of its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Overall, child mortality in Lao PDR has significantly declined....
    Author : Pangkham Thikeo, Jongjit Rittirong, Marc Voelker
    Keyword (s) : Child mortality; Children under five; Poverty; Lao PDR
    Abstract | Full Text [ 33 Hits ]
  • The Association between Distribution of Influenza-Like Illness and Climate in Each Zone of Thailand
  • Background: Influenza is a respiratory infection that commonly occurs in humans. According to the World Health Organization, the estimation of influenza-related morbidity rate was 5 - 10% in adults and 20 - 30% in children worldwide, causing 3 - 5 million people to have serious influenza-related ill...
    Author : Suphakit Wechphanich, Soontorn Supapong, Thanapoom Rattananupong
    Keyword (s) : Influenza-like illness; Climate; Thailand; Ecological study
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  • Knowledge, Use and Associated Factors Relating to Modern Contraceptive Methods among Female Sex Workers in Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Background: Female sex workers (FSWs) are an isolated population of the world who have unmet needs of contraceptive services. This study assessed knowledge on and use of modern contraceptive methods among FSWs. Methods: A survey (n=731) and 14 qualitative in-depth interviews with 15-49 year old FSW...
    Author : Tasnuva Wahed, Anadil Alam, Salima Sultana, Nazmul Alam, Shakila Zaman, Ratana Somrongthong
    Keyword (s) : Knowledge and use; modern contraceptives; female sex workers; Dhaka
    Abstract | Full Text [ 62 Hits ]
  • Factors Associated with Open Burning Behaviors among Thai and Hill Tribe Farmers in Northern Thailand
  • Background: Air pollution is a major public health problem. In 2016, 936,000 deaths were attributed to ambient air pollution in Southeast Asia. For over a decade, it has been associated with several health problems to residents of northern Thailand. The study aimed to investigate the factors associa...
    Author : Adelowo Adeleke, Tawatchai Apidechkul, Phitsanuruk Kanthawee, Yanasinee Suma, Pilasinee Wongnuch, Nittaya Pasukphun
    Keyword (s) : Open burning; Farmers; Hill tribe; Environmental health literacy; Thailand
    Abstract | Full Text [ 64 Hits ]
  • Awareness of Safety Measures on Pesticide Use among Farm Workers in Selected Villages of Aunglan Township, Magway Division, Myanmar
  • Background: Myanmar is a developing agricultural nation that inevitably uses pesticides in agricultural food production. Consequently, knowledge based on how to use and react to pesticide poisoning is crucial. Pesticides cause adverse health outcomes for human and animals as well as the environment....
    Author : Thant Zaw Lwin, Aung Zaw Min, Mark Gregory Robson, Wattasit Siriwong
    Keyword (s) : Pesticides; Farm workers; Education level; Personal protective equipment; Myanmar
    Abstract | Full Text [ 62 Hits ]
  • Development of a Thin Layer Chromatographic Method for Simultaneously Screening Multiple Drugs in Serum
  • Background: Multiple drug screening is required to find out if a drug or a cocktail of drugs is the cause of illness or death. A thin layer chromatography was developed for this purpose as an alternative method for laboratories lacking in high technological chromatography. Methods: Drug spiked se...
    Author : Veeravan Lekskulchai
    Keyword (s) : Thin layer chromatography; Drug screening; Detection reagent
    Abstract | Full Text [ 68 Hits ]
  • Humanized Medicine: Role of Medical Education
  • -...
    Author : Samlee Plianbangchang
    Keyword (s) : -
    Abstract | Full Text [ 34 Hits ]